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Planning My Digital Portfolio

0ea42b1To dot the final “i” and cross the final “t” for my journey through the IT&DML program at the University of New Haven, I will create a digital portfolio to demonstrate all that I have accomplished during the last year. It has been a very intense year full of challenge, growth, and new experiences, and my digital portfolio should demonstrate this to my classmates, mentor teachers, and any colleagues and administrators that I may share it with in the future.

Using a site that enables clear navigation, I will create an About Me section that contains a simple biography, my updated philosophy statement, and a brief resume.

I will also include Artifacts such as lesson plans, tutorials, Badges earned, and the LiveBinder I created for Teaching, Learning and Assessing in the Digital Age.

Finally, I plan to include at least some of my Blog so that my thought processes during my growth in the program can help demonstrate just how much I have accomplished.

I am still exploring possible host sites for my Digital Portfolio, and welcome any suggestions. In the meantime, here is a mind-map which will serve as a site-map for my Portfolio. I created it using yet another new tool I learned for just this purpose: MindMup

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