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Ethnography: Me, again!

As part of the IT&DML program, I was asked to create an Ethnography. I chose to describe my development as a musician, educator, and a leader in technological change. Although I feel that I am just beginning to become a technology educator, I know that I am leaps and bounds ahead of many of my colleagues, thus allowing me this claim. Here is my Ethnography, created using PowToon Slides, converted to PowToon Studio. Many thanks to my mom, who spent lots of time finding the ancient pictures necessary to complete the project!

Also as part of the Ethnography project, we were asked to create a lesson plan in which students have to create something online: Online Content Construction. I chose to tweak a lesson I had written in the past, but never fully implemented before. Eighth grade students in my General Music Classes work on research projects in my History of Rock and Roll class. They use technology to research various rock artists and genres. The students present their findings to the class including the music of their artists and genre. I decided to have them create a Coggle to demonstrate the relationship between the assigned artist and the artists who have influenced them. The lesson plan for lesson three, Artist’s Musical Heritage, of the Current Artist Unit can be found here.
Another requirement of the project was that I was to complete the activities of the lesson as if I were one of the kids in my class. This was an eye-opening experience. I discovered that it took much longer than I had imagined it would, to be able to do the job well. This tells me that I need to be more patient with my students and give them the time they need to complete the job, and then I can expect to get better quality work turned in. The lesson requires the students to create a note-taking Google Doc. Mine is here. I chose to research the Musical Heritage (Influences) of Rihanna. The Online Content Creation was to be a Coggle. Mine can be found here and is pictured below.

Rihannas_Musical_Heritage Coggle


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